Designing Content for Greater Impact

Presenting is one thing, but designing and shaping content that your audience will remember after the event, is another skill all together.

Using psychology-based techniques, our highly experienced presentation professionals will give you tips for preparing your materials, editing down, and structuring your information for greater impact.

This is so much more than a presentation skills workshop. What I learned about shaping my presentation, presentation content, and effective language will stay with me in everything I do. I feel so much more prepared now – and so much more confident. Thank you!

Lorraine Case
Hatlapa Marine Equipment Ltd

We’ll also show you the best ways to ensure your audience remembers your key points.

Engage your Audience

We’ll analyse the benefits and pitfalls of visual aids – from PowerPoint to flip charts, and show you how and when to use them to engage your target audience.

What to include in a presentation

We can either analyse your current presentation and help you to edit and implement your content and materials more effectively. Or we can work with you to design and produce new content to engage your target audience.

Whatever your preference, this is a fully interactive workshop with discussions throughout, and constructive, personal feedback and tips at every stage. 

This short insightful module can stand alone, or you will find it incorporated into our other workshops, such as our Complete Skills Workshop.

To find out how you can develop more impactful, memorable content, contact us now.