Hostile or Crisis Interview Scenarios

In times of crisis, the way you handle the media and the messages you put out can make or break your Company’s reputation.

Whether you are “firefighting”, discussing a more controversial subject, or simply looking to future-proof potential hazards, our job is to test your Crisis Communications and the resilience of your Corporate Messaging under pressure.

We will work with you to design and set up an unfolding hostile media interview simulation which will test your Communication Strategy, your spokespeople, their messaging and delivery. All simulations are bespoke to your requirements.

On the day, our professional team of journalists will run this developing situation exercise, to test your crisis communication.

Test Spokespeople and Messages

We will pressurise your spokespeople, and test the strength of your messages under pressure, across any or all media.    

Crisis interviews

You’ll do real time studio-based and location based media interviews for TV, radio and print press – plus, we’ll show you your impact on social media as a crisis escalates. We use only professional camera people and professional equipment.

Afterwards, we will provide you with feedback, insight, tips and techniques to help you and your team develop and improve your crisis plan media messaging. We will also play back and analyse these media interviews or, if you prefer, we can produce simulated media packages (TV, radio, print, social media), so that you can view the results of your crisis communication for yourself.

All our training is bespoke.

To help you test your crisis communication, contact us now.