Coaching Skills for Managers

“. . .employees are looking for more than just a paycheck. They want to develop and grow. That means managers now play an even more essential role in helping employees reach their personal goals as part of reaching organizational expectations.”
Source: Gallup report 2018

The Coaching Skills for Managers workshop looks at the benefits of coaching and the skills involved to successfully coach and develop individuals. It also looks at techniques to enable feedback as a motivational tool.

Our Management professionals and qualified Executive Coaches will discuss the most effective ways to use Sir John Whitmore’s GROW model to structure your coaching sessions.

Josette is an engaging and energising facilitator, a delight to work with and highly recommended. Her workshops are lively, enjoyable and valuable and her delivery is first-class.

Andy Watkin
Managing Partner
Belfield Consulting

Effective coaching skills for managers

This will include the effects of what you say and do, and how active listening and appropriate questioning techniques are the essence of a coaching session for both you as a Coach and your coachee.

Coaching Practice

This interactive workshop will include discussions around your own coaching goals, achievements and challenges, and there will be coaching practice sessions with practical, constructive personal feedback throughout. 

We will provide examples and templates to support your learning, and give demonstrations of the techniques we are showing you.

Josette has worked in partnership with myself and other business psychologists in my past roles. She helped our delegates develop advanced interpersonal skills and deal effectively with scenarios including performance management. Josette provided essential feedback and support, particularly following leadership sessions in which delegates tackled emotive or sensitive issues. She has become a trusted colleague.

Alison France
Consultant, Author and Speaker
Driving performance through “Courageous Inclusion”

All our workshops are fully interactive.

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