Press Officer Training Supporting Interviewees

You do such a great job as a Press Officer, so we’ve devised a workshop to support you, supporting your Spokespeople.

As highly experienced print and broadcast journalists, radio and TV presenters and Accredited PR professionals, we understand the job you do, and how well you already do it. This Press Officer Training workshop is about giving you that extra edge to support your spokespeople. We’ll provide you with tips and techniques to keep them on messagebuild their confidence, and practice with them for best results

I found the press officer media training really helpful and informative. Not only did Josette help us to learn and develop the techniques required to conduct an effective interview, it was also incredibly useful to get a flavour of what our spokespeople go through and how to help them prepare and handle potentially difficult situations. Josette is vastly experienced and I really enjoyed the training.

Richard Starkey MCIPR
Media Relations Manager, South East region

As well as sharing our tips and techniques for priming and rehearsing your Spokespeople, we will put you through everything we put them through!

Press Officer Training

Yes, we will put you in front of the camera and you will experience real-time bespoke interviews, and receive personal constructive feedback, just the way your spokespeople would.

Supporting you to support them

We’re keen to emphasise that the aim of this training session is to support you and your corporate needs, and we will expand on any specific areas, challenges or requirements that you wish to discuss.  

I have worked with Josette in the radio industry for more than 20 years, during her time as Head of News and on our current projects. She produces excellent, informative and well-balanced news bulletins and interviews, which were always well researched.

Her top-notch interview skills bring out the best in her interviewees, and her training shares her tips and techniques for getting great content. I would highly recommend Josette.

Richard Wyeth
MD Yaketyak Productions
Presenter Producer BFBS radio

All our training is bespoke.

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