Media Skills Non-native Speakers of English

Will you be facing English speaking media – TV, radio or the print press, either face-to-face or remotely? Are you a non-native English speaker?

We run bespoke media skills workshops and one-to-one coaching specifically to help those for whom English is not their first language.

Industry Professionals 
TEFL Qualified

What makes our course different is that our Accredited media professionals are also TEFL qualified.

VW R Practice interview

Using psychology-based techniques to ensure you use more influential verbal and non-verbal communication, including body language appropriate for your audience, we will provide you with insight into the subtleties of the English language, and the impact applying the wrong synonym can have on your message.

The guidance and support during our workshop preparation was exceptional. Josette truly focuses on getting the most out for her clients by challenging the diversity of questions and scenarios, making sure the workshop environment becomes real-life situated.” 

Emilie Lagelbauer
Public Relations
Volkswagen R
Volkswagen AG

You will cover everything from our Media Interview Skills – Interviewee Preparation workshop or, if you’re more experienced, our Spokesperson Surgery – Refresher workshop,

In addition, we’ll discuss the cultural differences that affect your sentence structure. Where required, we’ll also work with you on your pronunciation and intonation to ensure your communication is as clear as possible.

Plus, we’ll look at the cultural differences and language preferences between other English speaking countries, and provide insight into the requirements of the British media.

All our training is bespoke.

To find out how you can communicate more effectively with English speaking media and your English speaking audience, contact us today.