1:1 Coaching Non-native Speakers of English

If English is not your first language, our TEFL qualified, Accredited industry professionals, will provide you with one-to-one coaching designed to help you achieve your highest potential.

A popular choice with Senior Managers, our coaching sessions are bespoke, which means that we work specifically to your needs and requirements.

1:1 Non-native speaker of English coaching

Focused Personal Development   

We will help you improve your verbal and non-verbal communication to ensure that you increase your effectiveness working in an English speaking environment.

Several coaching sessions with Josette enabled me to significantly improve my professional communication. As a result, I am able to tailor my communication to my audience, and speak to the point. My level of confidence has risen, I am more assertive and I now instil trust in the audience I am talking to.

Jan Stefka
Global Program Manager

We will provide insight into the subtleties of the English language, and how applying the wrong synonym can affect the effectiveness of your message. We’ll discuss the cultural differences in sentence structure, and the impact that can have on how your communication is received. Where required, we’ll also work with you on your pronunciation and intonation to ensure that your communication is as clear as possible.

Virtual Coaching Available

Choose your platform, and we will work with you virtually, wherever you are in the world.

My fears presenting in English have gone. Thank you for your patience and for your one-to-one coaching. This course was invaluable to me. I will definitely recommend you.

Myriam Felici

All our coaching is bespoke.

To discuss your specific needs and corporate requirements contact us now.