Spokesperson Surgery Refresher Training

Aimed at highly experienced Spokespeople or those who have already been media trained, our Spokesperson Surgery / Refresher Training will put you through your paces – and more.

Our Accredited media professionals, all of whom are professionally active, will review and update your media interview skills and techniques.

Practice Interviews

You’ll do real time practice interviews with a highly experienced journalist. All scenarios will be specific to your needs and corporate requirements, with relevant challenges which will develop during the workshop.

VW R Practice interview

The guidance and support during our workshop preparation was exceptional. Josette truly focuses on getting the most out for her clients by challenging the diversity of questions and scenarios, making sure the workshop environment becomes real-life situated.” 

Emilie Lagelbauer
Public Relations
Volkswagen R
Volkswagen AG

Bespoke media spokesperson training

This spokesperson refresher training is bespoke, which means we cater to your requirements as a media spokesperson. We’ll show you how to handle even the toughest questions, and stay calm under intense pressure. And we’ll use instant playback and analysis, so that you receive personal, constructive feedback throughout.

Plus, we’ll show you psychology-based techniques to ensure you increase your influential verbal and non-verbal communication.

This really was an excellent course. The combination of widely applicable communication skills, specific approaches for handling journalist’s questions, and the particular tips for performing well in virtual on-screen interviews was incredibly powerful. I feel much better equipped for handling media interviews in this day and age.

Sean McCallion
Head of Fundraising
Back Up

Media requirements have changed over the last few years, and in particular during these unprecedented times. Remote interviews via your computer are becoming the norm, and we predict they are here to stay.

Face-to-face Workshops

We’ll review your media interview skills in front of the camera, in a studio or on location, using professional camera people and professional equipment.

Virtual Training 

We’ll show you all the tips and techniques for doing effective and engaging remote interviews.

Whichever you choose, our workshops are fully interactive and engaging.

All our training is bespoke.

To discuss your specific requirements contact us now.