Performance Management Conversations

“Employees who feel they get to use the best strengths and abilities at work are 15% less likely to quit their job.”
Source: Gallup 2018

Effective Performance Management depends on the quality of the conversations which take place between managers and their team members. Our Management professionals will work with you to equip your managers with STET leadership communication skills to carry out effective performance management conversations.

We will draw on the importance of open and honest discussions and recognising success.  We will cover goal setting and SMART objectives, and show you how to use effective questioning and listening skills.

Josette has worked in partnership with myself and other business psychologists in my past roles. She helped our delegates develop advanced interpersonal skills and deal effectively with scenarios including performance management. Josette provided essential feedback and support, particularly following leadership sessions in which delegates tackled emotive or sensitive issues. She has become a trusted colleague.

Alison France
Consultant, Author and Speaker
Driving performance through “Courageous Inclusion”

Effective Management Conversations

Managers will practise feedback techniques, and discuss the impact of their language on staff engagement and motivation. We will also give you strategies and techniques to manage any under performance

Handle Challenging Conversations

This workshop is fully interactive and participants will take part in practice sessions based on their own challenges and their level of experience, whether they are aspiring, new or established managers.

Realistic Practice

We use professional Roleplayers, and will ask participants to share realistic scenarios to work through. Every participant will receive practical, constructive feedback at the end of each session.  

Josette is an engaging and energising facilitator, a delight to work with and highly recommended. Her workshops are lively, enjoyable and valuable and her delivery is first-class.

Andy Watkin
Managing Partner
Belfield Consulting

All of our leadership courses are designed by experts using the core psychological principles of verbal and non-verbal communication, and aligned to your corporate competencies.

All our training is bespoke.

To find out how we can help you to deliver more effective performance management conversations within your Company, contact us now.