Interviewing Skills for Journalists and Presenters

Interviewing for the media is a specific skill. Not only does it require good questioning techniques, but also an awareness of your audience, your story line, and potential sound-bites for use elsewhere.

Our highly experienced professional journalists provide media interview skills training for radio presenters, television presenters, and print and broadcast journalists.

We will coach you in interviewing skills, including effective questioning, interview content, and shaping your interview, along with tips and techniques for handling nervous or difficult interviewees.

I attended Interviewing Skills for Journalists and Presenters with Josette Lesser.

It was such an interesting day and I learnt so much. I loved Josette’s style and humour, which really helped me to relax. Her teaching was exemplary and I highly recommend her. I am now producing interviews for local radio and podcasts.

Gilda Waugh
Voiceover Artist / Presenter

Training from the Professionals

As with all our training, there will be practice scenarios and simulations, with constructive feedback and tips from our professional journalists, at every stage.


I have worked with Josette in the radio industry for more than 20 years, during her time as Head of News and on our current projects. She produces excellent, informative and well-balanced news bulletins and interviews, which were always well researched.

Her top-notch interview skills bring out the best in her interviewees, and her training shares her tips and techniques for getting great content. I would highly recommend Josette.

Richard Wyeth
MD Yaketyak Productions
Presenter Producer BFBS radio

Looking for technical podcast training or vodcast training? Our Accredited media professionals will help you generate rich media content in an easy to understand format. We will show you how to navigate audio and/or visual recording techniques, feature packaging, and editing, to produce professional and engaging output.

All our training is bespoke.

To find out how we can help you enhance your interview skills contact us now.